What is Small Island Unity?


















Illustrated as a core platform for the Dutch Caribbean Islands of St. Maarten, Saba and St. Eustatius to express each island’s unique culture; through participating in other cultural events based in the Netherlands.


Mission and Vision statement


S.I.U envisions a means in which they can be the platform of all Caribbean islands residing in the Netherlands for cultural exchanges. Giving each island the ability to express their similarities in culture, yet stand out, at the same time. Proving their unique and eloquent backgrounds through events of cultural exchange.


Current developing aim/mission of the group is to raise awareness to the general public of their Carnival group for Rotterdam’s Zomer Carnaval.


The Theme of the Carnival Group for 2016 will be “SIU and the Chocolate Factory”. Which will be expressed through the member’s display of costumes, music and festive fun. Small Island Unity will also be entering the well-known “Zomer Carnaval queen elections”; that will be broadcasted locally and internationally. Placing the group in the forefront of over 950,000 television viewers, giving the attention needed to boost the development of the committee.